Oil Can Willy's baby bottle for oil changes
oil can willy's filler bottle party


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

your moped is your baby? right? well, heres a cheap solution to nurture it with fresh oil changes like, well, im not sure when they need em! probably ALL THE TIME!!! or never. squeeze this sucker like the gogurt tubes of your youth and watch the oil flow, baby! FLOWTOWN BABY

comes with bottle and oil line to guide it right where you need it instead of fumbling around with funnels and oil spills and you know all that stuff that happens during infomercials when people are having really hard times doing things

bottle is 8oz

comes with motion pro clear line!!!

unscrew the lid, pour in oil, then flip over and guide in the oil with the line. got it? GOOD. will does this on his bikes, hence the name, or just use it for sriracha!!!!

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