odyssey TWISTED pc PRO bmx pedals - F*@&^!6 DONUT !!!!!!
odyssey TWISTED pc PRO bmx pedals - F*@&^!6 DONUT !!!!!!


 :*sorry none today*

oh man where to begin. odyssey has pretty much been killin the pedal game since day one. i used to only rock odyssey twisted pcs on all my regular bicycles and bmx bikes cause A) they are cheap B) your feet stay on them C) they continually release sick limited edition pedals that u can trade with ur friends like pokemon cards.

donuts. yes. donut pattern. quite possibly one of the sickest limited edition pedals ever. approved by homer simpsons and law enforcement officers across the world.

standard size 9/16" pedal threading

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Flaunt your Grey area October 23, 2018
taco eater : Andy from Exploring the Tundra  
Pedals, the final frontier of law enforcement, the confuser and illusionist. Something of a bike, something of a motorcycle, and definitely the badge of justice that sets a moped between the lines of the law.

Now you can take a breath, rip your throttle, and place your tootsies high upon the sacred badge of moped courage “the pedal” all while teasing the coppers with those tasty succulent treats!

Did I mention? Your mom will approve too!

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