mystery TIRE PARTY pack in 16 x 2.25
mystery TIRE PARTY pack in 16 x 2.25
alternate reality price $52.99


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

lets see who is attending this partayyyy. tis truly a mystery

- TWO SHINKO tires in 16 x 2.25.
- TWO 16 x 2.25 tubes!
- TWO rim strips to line your rim!

very classy tire treads here. no racers invited to this party, if you wanna go race ya better look elsewhere for some sick slicks.

simply look at your old tires, figure out if these sizes replace yours, and youve got an invitation!!

and in typical treatland fashion we bring you this party at the lowest possible price so you still have money for burritos, brews, soda, sour beer, body jewelry, tanning supplies...

tis ones's gonna be fun!!!!! see you there

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