motobecane simonini vintage adjustable flexable performance pipe
motobecane simonini vintage adjustable pipe


 :*sorry none today*

simonini vintage technology for motobecane MBK AV7 & AV10!

header mounts OG threaded style with springs, rear mounts solid and with springs

this one is an interesting one, theories abound - perhaps adjustable header length (as speculated by some buddies)? more so to me just reminiscent of the pre ball joint technologies as found on the infamously infantastical VLX pipe (updated of course simo style). Header and pipe both mount solid to the bike, with a bizarre ball joint technology connecting them, surely ONE OF A KIND, and courtesy the treats vintage collection.

as with most french pipes, there is a restrictor hidden somewhere, on this pipe it's in the header and is fairly easy to tear out.

from the illustrious hq vintage collection, quite possibly, never to be seen again.

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