motobecane parmakit 70cc AV7 cylinder kit - 46mm
motobecane parmakit 70cc av7 cylinder kit


 :*sorry none today*

it's here!

*****THIS IS DISCONTINUED, move to the 47mm sorry dudes!*****

70cc 46mm parmakit for motobecane AV7 engines, oh. wow. unheard of!

months, nehhhh years of work to get this made,what the heck ya think we been doing with all the cash from selling cocks. petcocks.

this was a discontinued product we had produced for all the av7 lovers of the world, a complete treatland exclusive. if you want one its here. but for how long? buy them up and sell them at giant tomato prices next year!! yrah!

comes with cylinder, piston, rings, wrist pin, clips + head, base and exhaust gaskets.

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5 of 5 BOLT on and RAGEEE July 13, 2010
taco eater : Tim from San Francisco, CA United States  
This kit was super easy to put on.. I have never replaced a top end on anything before and I was able to put this on without removing the motor from the frame.. Also the piston rings were very easy to get lined up with the pins and slip into the cylinder.. The only hang up was with the pulley cover mount by the intake. It has this little tab that prevents the cylinder from sitting flush on the case.. so i just turned it away. If i wanted to spend more time i would just shave it down so i can use the stock pulley cover..
so all in all i have a 16:16 del carb w/ 70jet. everything else is stock other then an aftermarket coil and sims circuit exhaust..  with out blasting on it hard since i need to break the kit in.. i was able to reach 40mph easy.. and it has lots of torque up hills.. dont believe this nonsense about it not being bolt on.. i am a complete novice and i was able to put this on in 30mins.. with basic tools..

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5 of 5 new kit name: blast-o-matic May 2, 2010
taco eater : Trevor from Ypsilanti, MI United States  
This is one of the greatest things to come along for the AV7 and motobecanes in a long time. There is alittle setup involved during instalation, but if its tuned right, its a reliable 50mph+ blaster.

If you like giant exhaust ports you can fist punch and finger licking transfers right out of the box, buy this.

If you want to go alittle faster and spend quite a bit more money, go for the AV10

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5 of 5 awesome and ticky! April 18, 2010
taco eater : Aaron Fowler from Norfolk, VA United States  
for obvious reasons

as in you need to reference on how to set it up correctly. This is not a simple bolt on and go kit. See this thread (pay no attention to nay-sayers):

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