motobecane doppler performance exhaust pipe
motobecane doppler pipe av7 av10


insanely amazing quality as always from DOPPLER

for AV7 or AV10 engines.

this thing is huge and comes with a giant sack o bolts and such to put it on your bike + ball joint tech!

i.e. includes everything needed to mount to av7 or av10 50v or 51v bikes!

motobecane doppler pipe come with a rectangular swing arm mounting bracket. is that what you have?

OH and in case you were wondering, this is NOT a good choice for stock, its huge! don't even think about it.

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Gnarly June 6, 2014
taco eater : Moby Dick from Bothell, WA United States  
This thing with an Airsal 74mm bridged exhaust kit will tear your face right off the front of your head.  Plus it looks sick-nasty.

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taco eater : zac smith from Seattle, WA United States  
Using this pipe with a Moby 50v with 70cc Parma kitted AV7. F my A, the bike almost took off without me cause this pipe blast so hard. Killer lower end, havnt hit the top end yet cause i need a longer run way! looks great and fits perfect. It also includes all the fancy hinge hard ware so that saves you 40 dollars!! I will say that it does leak ant the joint, not sure how to fix that.

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Both our mobys have Dopplers: Dopplergangers? May 3, 2013
taco eater : Max Johnson from New Bedford, MA United States  
This pipe will suck the Nicasil off your cylinder walls if you give it half a chance.  

I mean that in the best way possible.

Also, the header spacer works as a motor mount removal/installation tool.  Try it.  

Besides that, what is there to say?  It's probably the best pipe made for mopeds today.  Welds are incredible, power band is High, but manageable, and the power hit is sudden (At least with the Airsal Bridged cylinder)

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Legit. July 23, 2012
taco eater : tom mcintosh from manchester, NH United States  
Bolted right up, cut a bit of rubber hose to wrap the round swing arm for the square mount to bolt to. Tight fit around the motor, but the power and sound is well worth it. Low/mid range rips, top of rpms isn't bad with stock jug and piston!

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Good pipe April 10, 2011
taco eater : Tracy  
This is a great pipe, good low, killer midrange, and revs out well. I never loved the sound of a pipe as much as this one too. Only reason not 5 stars is because the mounting bracket sucks and I have had problems with the joint leaking. But then it's a french bike and that's what you get. Been running one for years.

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