motobecane av10 athena 39mm 50cc kit
motobecane av10 athena 39mm 50cc kit

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athena 39mm 50cc air cooled kit for motobecane AV10!

includes everything you see - cylinder, piston, rings, wrist pin, clips and gaskets (head, base and exhaust)

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3 of 5 Some observations. April 27, 2019
taco eater : Jonathan Feldman from Oakland , CA United States  
I haven't run one yet but I spent a solid 45 min at treats staring at one.


1. Everyone says the port timing is all fucked up. Like you put it together and it needs well over 2mm of spacing. Yikes. Well guess what bitch? Your good homie Jon busted the myth. Cylinder comes with the wrong piston. Classic Athena. If you compare the piston to any other AV10 piston its way taller.. thus why yall are having spacing issues. Ya needa run a different piston. Stock AV10 dual ring? Maybe? It has the correct height and ring gaps are in the same spot. Airsal 50cc piston? Maybe? Get on that french single ring life ya feel me?

2. Transfer ports are different than the one shown? Weird huh? Theyre closer to the shape of a AV10 Malossi GR1 cylinder. Probably wants a good case match instead of bolt on and go.

Once again, I haven't run one yet. These are just observations. I will update my review once I get one rippin'.


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3 of 5 Youre doing it wrong January 26, 2016
taco eater : The Train from United States  
If you buy this kit, it will take a little work, just like most kits.
In this case, youre going to want to space the cylinder up until the piston clears the exhaust floor at BDC. You dont want the ring exposed to that heat. Once this happens, your squish is now too thick. Your bottom end torque will suffer, your cylinder will struggle to scavenge and push the charge towards the center/spark plug and you wont have the performance you desire. In extreme cases it could cause detonation. Besides matching this kit with a head that has proper squish, youre going to want to mill some off the top of the cylinder to offset what you raised up by spacing the cylinder away from the cases. Like I said, you should be making these adjustments to almost any kit you are installing, for the best performance. Sometimes its just a thick base gasket, sometimes its a spacer and 2 gaskets. Bust out that micrometer and get to work.

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2 of 5 what the June 18, 2012
taco eater : cat teets from Albany, NY United States  
This must be some kind of stock drop in replacement kit.

I put it on a stock av10 case with a full cheek crank and had to raise the base up about 0.4mm  to keep the piston from slamming into the doppler head. Then more fine adjustment to account for squish... The piston doesn't clear exhaust at bdc by maybe 1.5mm after base gasket adjustments.

Otherwise the materials and finish are very high quality, just the actual design is shitty. The goal of this engine for me is to make a reliable and quiet daily driver / rally loaner, it should accomplish that.

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