motobecane artek K1 internal rotor CDI with lights
motobecane artek K1 internal rotor CDI with lights

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the ARTEK K1 internal rotor CDI builds on the strengths of the MVT premium. it's an inner rotor performance CDI, with strong (60 watts) lights!  features analog variable advance and provides power exceeding 42,000 volts (2 sparks revolution)

the inner rotor is made of aluminum and is balanced to very demanding specifications.

comes with mounting plate + nuts n bolts for easy instillation. + instructions with photos in french

the CDI box is built in so all you need is the one coil!

while this may look similar to the MVT premium the artek uses a different cdi box and different curve, however this cdi box/coil could be used on the mvt premium if you had the desire.

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so far so good January 29, 2015
taco eater : craig dueck from winnipeg, MB Canada  
i like this so far. had to make new timing marks for  firing it with a gun. if you peel the artek sticker on the coil you will reveal the letters MVT stamped on it.... mmmh

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Artek June 12, 2014
taco eater : Victor Pagan from Albany, NY United States  
I'm kind of surprised to see this back at Treats as I thought they were long discontinued. From memory, these are similar to MVT in setup and seemed very good for racing. Now, from what I read off of Artek's catalogue, timing is set at TDC for the K1 ignition and 0.4mm BTDC for the K2 ignition. I would set it at TDC and work from there.

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Nice CDI September 23, 2011
taco eater : KH from Albany, NY  
Good lights, the Europeans seem to like this unit on their forums. The manual suggests you set it at 1.5mm BTDC which is way too high.  Internal CDI box is good, one less thing to clutter your moped. Easy wiring + long wires for lots of mounting options. The mounting plate is interchangeable with the MVT units.

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