motobecane FAG 6302 QR C3 reinforced bearing
motobecane FAG 6302 QR C3 reinforced bearing

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1 FAG reinforced 6302 QR C3 bearing for motobecane engines AV7, AV10, MBK 50v, 51v.

this is a "QR" bearing meaning the dimensions are unique to it as the inner diameter of the bearing inner race is 1mm larger than a standard 6302 bearing

dimensions are  = 16 x 42 x 13 - 6302/16

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5 of 5 Perfect February 27, 2013
taco eater : Victor Pagan from Albany, NY United States  
You'll want these bearings when rebuilding your AV7/AV10 into a high rpm screamer. These will last well above 13k rpm. Be careful when using heat to install since they use plastic cages.

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