moped fiberglass seat - BLACK - motobecane 51 magnum racing
moped fiberglass racing seat



it is universal if universal means "make it work, bro". by far the most rad racer seat ever made, from europe. for making rad 50cc race bikes or just being cool. ya? made of fiberglass with cushioned seat and mounting brackets on the underside

this is the seat found on the motobecane 51 magnum racing bike, check out the amazing inspirational photo

9" at the widest point, 5" wide at the front, 24" long

6.5" wide bracket, 25mm seat post

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4 of 5 Quality made but HUGE May 2, 2015
taco eater : Doug Williams from Florianopolis, Brasil  
...too big for any moped I've ever seen.

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4 of 5 Really nice seat... March 3, 2011
taco eater : Jay Rivett from Indianapolis, IN United States  
Far too large for my Pinto... definitely use for the Magnum or something equally large.
comes with a seatpost which is nice, but my frame won't accept it without a little work...  ok a lot of work.  Not sure if i'm going to keep it or try to get one of the grand prix...

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