metalflake SILVER EBR non-hydraulic 26" COMPLETE FUNZONE forks
metalflake SILVER EBR non-hydraulic 26" COMPLETE FUNZONE forks

alternate reality price $150.00 LOW LOW PRICETIME


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

OEM tomos drum brake style forks! these come UNASSEMBLED as they are all individual oem tomos parts.

forks have a drum brake tab 70mm from the center of axle to center of brake tab. fits tomos brake plates! tab is 25 x 5mm
you can run the tab on LEFT or RIGHT. your choice.

through-bolt style bottom for 12mm axles. has two m6 threaded holes for one side of a fender

choose a 12mm sealed axle that is at LEAST 210mm here

you can find fender pieces and braces here that can match up!

here are headset bearings for these forks

come with fork race shim but you may need this lower fork bearing race too and a 26mm x 1mm head tube nut

handlebar clamps here!

about 26" total length legs, 30mm fork tubes

tomos part numbers:

243184 right tube
243185 left tube
232907 lower yoke
232908 upper yoke

this is as close to the complete OEM late sprint front fork setup as it can get! that part number is 236730

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