mazzucchelli vespa piaggio anticipato special competition crankshaft - 12 pin
mazzucchelli vespa piaggio anticipato special competition crankshaft - 12 pin


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mazzucchelli vespa piaggio 12 pin SPECIAL COMPETITION racing crankshaft for all vespa moped engines. this one is amazing - one side is full lobe, the other side is cut the longest of any mazzucchelli cranks for the longest intake duration, ++++ the crank features a hole on one end for the pinasco dual carb setup!!!

you can also use this crank with a regular stock case or the polini speed engine. this one would be perfect for use with any of the 46mm vespa kits

characteristics of the crankshaft with modified inlet timing (anticipate)

the crankshaft with modified inlet timing is made of the same material and is the same dimensions as the standard unit, the differences are:

1 - the inlet is upgraded and polished to improve the power performance
2- the shafts are burnished for a better heat dissipation and to prevent oxidation
3- silver cage bearings are used to cater for increased RPM
4 - the con rod is polished and chromium plated for improved flow of gasoline into the cylinder.

super competition model

the shafts are completely polished. the con rod is manufactured for high revving purposes and has more strength for the additional stresses and power output

12 pin

70mm lobe diameter
33mm cheek width

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5 of 5 Vespa Performance March 22, 2012
taco eater : Nikolas Sanow from Portland, OR United States  
parts are ludicrously expensive as we all know, but this takes the pain out of cutting your own crank, PLUS you can use it with the 2nd carb setup! as per the rest of my build: bye bye tax returns.

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