leo vince minarelli v1 pipe
leo vince minarelli v1 pipe

alternate reality price $159.99


***we just found 1 more of these bad boys and they are in EVEN much better shape than the one in the photo!! score***

NOS leo vince pipe for minarelli v1, v1l, v1lks, v2, c2, whatever!! a nice medium size chamber sure to rip on a stock setup and kitted! not too big, not too small....justttttt right.

these new old stock so they have some rust n dents n scratches. no complaining!

featuring radical multi-hole bracket for ease of mounting and a 21mm ID header.

remember, v1s came on pretty much any frame they could get their hands on so this pipe probably wont just bolt on to your bike...maybe it will...who knows? be prepared to make it work though?

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