NOS OEM PUCH leleu rear 45T sprocket
leleu rear 45T sprocket

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NOS OEM 42T leleu rear sprocket. this will fit on all puch wheels except for the snowflakes. It will fit on both the wide and thin spoked wheels as well as the 5 stars. this is a top speed gear made specially for you , the people! exclusive!! treatland only. this will fit on lots of motobecane and peugeot rims too, just make sure your inner diameter is 94mm. You might have to drill a hole or two to get it to line up on some rims, but whatever do what ya gotta do. there are countless versions of sprocket patterns, ohh.

oem puch part number 321.1.41.945.1

please note that this was mounted. there are indentations from the crush washer, however there is no wear on the teeth. seems this was taken off a new wheel...

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