honda hobbit pa50 XTREME pipe - black
honda hobbit pa50 XTREME pipe - black


here for a limited time only is the amazingly XTREME new hydroformed ultra blaster pipe for honda hobbit, camino, and pa50ii! comes with a nice matte black finish that's already scratched plus it's sure to burn off so get your bbq paint ready.

***note this can be fitted to pa50i cylinders with modification of the exhaust flange (you'll need to open up the cylinder approx. 2mm or file down the exhaust flange approx 2mm) in order for the pipe to fit properly***

this pipe shoots up high and mounts to the right rear shock bolt! stock pedal arms will not clear this. you'll need to get a MLM pedal shaft extender or be prepared to bend out your existing arms/hack n weld.

***you MAY need to lightly file around the flange of the pipe where it sits in the exhaust gasket seat. this seems to be more of a problem on athena and DR than any other cylinder.***

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