honda hobbit athena 47.6mm cylinder kit
honda hobbit 70cc athena cylinder kit



athena 47.6mm cylinder kit, calculate CC yerself probably what like 73cc? perhaps? use your math and tell me tomorrow please. anyway, this is the largest kit for hobbit and its aluminum nikasil lined with 7 ports, extra pistons usually in stock too. and it bolts right on!!! ay!

for lotsa honda bikes - most 70s honda mopeds/nopeds use the same/similar/interchangeable cylinder.

check first to be sure, but this will fit for sure on HOBBIT CAMINO PX PA PAII EXPRESS NU50 and so on. some of these may require a lil fin cutting to clear some oil drain or something but it is no prob.

7 port, lookin sharp. insanely fast, like derbi metra 47 fast. maybe faster. when ported. big boys only

note: this kit needs a mm or two of spacing to allow the piston to clear the head. you'll either need to get your head machined out, cut it by hand or run one of these handy mlm spacers to get things spaced nicely. if you're a super pro, you'll use the mlm spacer, then get your head cut to account for the additional deck height from spacing it.

lotsa dudes reaaaaallly like this kit, its a RIPPER. ask peter....again.

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5 of 5 Very Happy October 16, 2016
taco eater : edt11x from Atlanta, GA  
Very happy with this kit on a 1981 Honda Express motor. This with the 47.6mm Airsal head, NU 50 reed cage with custom reeds, MLM 20mm VM intake, 20 mm VM carb, MLM side bleed pipe ended up at 50.5 MPH at 13K.

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5 of 5 Powerful kit August 14, 2013
taco eater : marc friedman from davis, CA United States  
I've finally got this kit running. I did not case match but did everything else including the stuffy crank, full rebuild of bottom, Graham's 47.6 squish head . Machining to get at squish of .8 mm, and one mlm .8 base plate surrounded by Athena base gaskets. Using the phbg mallosi carb and a tjt variator. Also the mlm hobbit pipe. This kit works. The workmanship is simply amazing.

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5 of 5 Plenty of power October 18, 2012
taco eater : TOMAHAWK MOPEDS from Los Angeles, CA United States  
Great kit that needs a base plate + exhaust porting to unleash its true power.

Here's a video link 1st test run with high comp 70cc head, peugeot doppler pipe header length kept stock for reliability and protect the engine from over revving, 24mm mikuni carb, TJT variator light weights, rear pulley custom spring, soft clutch springs not tuned yet, malossi gears.

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5 of 5 Oh Man September 29, 2011
taco eater : Nick from REEEEENNNNOOOOOOO  
If you want the gnar-est power then you will want this.....

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5 of 5 woah... July 15, 2011
taco eater : Ryan N. from Columbia, MO United States  
holy smokes.  all around power... you must mod your head like others have said.  this kit is insane and totally worth it's weight in tacoooooosssssss.... yummy yummy for my tummy!!!

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