honda hobbit 46mm custom cut head - no decomp + chipped fin
honda hobbit 46mm custom cut head

alternate reality price $49.89


**no decomp valve**

custom turned 46mm hobbit head! these are original heads that have been cleaned and sand blasted prior to machining the head. these ones do NOT include a decomp valve so be ready to use your bits off your old head. this head also has a few tiny dings in the dome and a two chipped fins, nothing to worry about.

this head was cut to match the dome profile of the DR kit piston but should work equally as well with the polini, malossi, parmakit, and wizard kit! would even work well with the stocko shocko kit for a pinch less compression

there is also a .003 - .005 compression lip machined around the edge of the head. it's there to increase the compression on the head gasket for an even better seal!

***note these no longer have tapped stud holes***

honda hobbit camino, PA50, express, NU50 and the rest

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