honda express NC50 NA50 DR kit BIG BORE party - level 3
honda express NC50 NA50 DR kit BIG BORE party - level 3


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

honda express nc50 and na50 big bore party pack with pretty much all the stuff you need! comes with a 70cc DR kit, custom cut head, mikuni vm18, MLM intake and an MLM people pipe! level 3, so this setup is for RIPPING hard...even MORE top speed and torque! now we're talkin.

you will need to change your main jet in the carb so grab some mikuni large hex jets and idle jets!!! always start with a high number jet and work your way down!!!!!

does NOT come with an air filter cause there's just too many options out there. uses 32mm (PHBG) air filters except the ones that are screw type! pick one ya like!

your original throttle cable WILL NOT WORK with this carburetor. hence it comes with a new throttle cable!!

now's the time to replace those crappy stock metal reeds with some performance reeds while you're in there!

also comes with some cylinder studs, exhaust studs, nuts and washers!! yup!

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5 of 5 Great kit for NC50 August 6, 2020
taco eater : Almosis from Chicago, IL United States  
I have almost the exact same set up on my '82 NC50 (stock Hobbit head) and it's pulling mid 40's all day. Good deal.

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