honda MB5 replacement headlight LAMP
honda MB5 replacement headlight LAMP


replacement headlight lamp for honda MB5 motorcycles! very cool cause this version has removable bulbs!! not sealed like the original sealed beam ones. includes a strange but awesome mini yellow bulb as well... for adding a touch of yellow to your lights? for emergencies if your bulb blows? new fashion dual bulb 2012? hmm.

get a replacement bulb hereeeeeeee

**NEW FOR 2018!! the above bulb in fact fits perfectly. its the one. finally! yay!!!**

5.5" diameter

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3 of 5 Good for having a light, not for resto. February 21, 2020
taco eater : Conan Thee Manic Brapbarian from Ladson, SC United States  
I've purchased at least 5 of these for my bikes and clients,  they are consistent for sure and do work great.  However,  the fitment of this lense isn't perfect.  To fit you have to either cut your oem bucket to house the bulb socket (which with doing this you cannot run the cool headlight rim)  or you have to make little brackets to be able to mount the oem headlight bucket to the oem brackets then attach this lense to then fit the cool rim,  buy a few bulbs which are marked and then have fun getting the light to shine dead ahead.  I've had a few which shine left or right and shim accordingly.  This is good for the price,  however they have many options for cooler lights here on hand in my opinion.

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3 of 5 semi good replacment June 14, 2016
taco eater : allistair leffler from havre de grace, MD United States  
fits mb5 headlight housing. the secondary smaller bulb holder is made out of poor quality rubber and is disintegrating after a year. the replacement bulb for the main is a 12volt 35/35 watt model number 6235J

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2 of 5 Better Than Being in the Dark August 16, 2015
taco eater : Mark from Penrose, CO United States  
O.K. replacement for the rare OEM part. Minor adjustment to headlight ring required to mount. Mounting tab orientation causes top of lens to be on the side, which means high/low beam moves left to right rather than up and down. Came with a 6 volt bulb. My MB5 is a 12 volt system, but bulb has not burned out yet.

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4 of 5 Coooooool June 12, 2015
taco eater : Dirty 30 Dillon from CT  
Yeah, all my bulbs were blown. This one was a good replacement for the big one up front. You have to bend the old bulb tabs in to "capture" the replacement in the chrome ring. No big deal.

What did suck was even with a battery, I blew the low beam in about 5 seconds. High beam lasted for about 80 miles then left me stranded in a cold, dark void.

That also wouldn't be an issue but these bulbs are a pain to get. I'm gonna JBweld an automotive socket into this housing and forever be happy.

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4 of 5 good if benji finds the bulbs August 29, 2012
taco eater : Scott Birdsey from Albany, NY United States  
i got this from perkllc a few years ago.  i can tell its the same cause of that weird lil yellow light on the side of the lens.  

anyway it uses these weird china bulbs i haven't been able to figure out..when i had to replace them i just got more from perk.  also the place i got my first puch kit when treats was still on ebay. score!

if benji finds out the bulbs this lens is totally worth it.  everything is fine about it other than that and it does use a dual filament bulb for high / lo.  oh i think you mightve had to bend the tabs on the stock headlight ring, but was not a hassle.

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