honda MB5 homoet 50cc performance exhaust pipe
honda MB5 homoet 50cc performance exhaust pipe


 :*sorry none today*

****i must dolefully inform you that these are no longer available!! check out these sweet MLM alternatives that fits perfectooo****

honda mb5 homoet 50cc performance exhaust pipe

fits a wide range of honda models - MB5, MB50, MBX,MTX, so on and so forth.

do your research! there is also a 70cc version available if you got a 70cc cylinder.

lots of info HERE if ya need it.

REMEMBER!!! as with almost all mb5 performance pipes, there are peg clearance issues. be prepared to file/bend things as necessary to get it to fit!

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5 of 5 Peakier than Madonna's tits May 7, 2012
taco eater : JakeP from Riverside, CA United States  
The 50cc Homoet is nice, requires a little bit of hammering to fit though. It's much peakier than the stock pipe, having little to no power before 8K, but then pulling hard to 12k on the stock cylinder. 5th gear becomes useless unless you're tucked, on a slight downhill, or have the wind at your back.

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