grimeca 17" 6 razze parallele SILVER rim - rear - NUDE
grimeca 17" 6 razze parallele SILVER rim - rear



brand new grimeca 3 star razze parallele mag wheel for whatever ya want!

***this is a lil bit of a hacker special. you will need to make a spacer for the pedal sprocket side wheel bearing so it doesn't push too deep into the hub!! there is also a "cup" type thing that needs to be driven out on that side as well. not hard or anything, just requires a little know how.***

uses 90mm brake plates!! should be an easy switch for puch snowflake users needing a new rim.

17" x 1.35 rim size

1.35" is the distance between the inner lips of the rim aka the measurement of the distance between where the two tire beads seat.

takes regular freewheels!

uses 98mm sprockets

uses one 16101 wheel bearing and one 6201 wheel bearing

perfect for completing your custom build....

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