grand pappy lionel the CEV headlight horn
grand pappy lionel the CEV headlight horn


 :*sorry none today*

good ol grand pappy showed up to us wrapped in newspapers from 1976 - with classic Jim Beam ads to personalized free male ear piercing offers - and sports this old-fashioned well made goodness all over. for the first time in history, well, the history of the treats museum, we now have a new old stock headlight with built in horn and chrome grill. in short, its marvelous! really takes ya back to a time before craigslist and silly brain-fryin cellphones. beautifully constructed bulb holder contraptions, speedometer slot, and bullet style connectors just make you wanna whip out the Benny Goodman's Greatest Hits cassette tape, lean back with some fir water relaxation spray, and solder up some sweet, sweet connections...get em while you can! kapeesh?

- black plastic housing/lens with metal grill
- uses p26 style bulbs. comes with one 6v15w bulb already in there!
- also uses a festoon style bulb for the indicator light. comes with a 6v16w one in there
- has a removable speedometer spot that reveals a 47.75mm diameter hole, will fit vespa size speedometers!!
- horn is 6v
- headlight is about 15 x 12 x 8cm

normally a vespa headlight, but throw it on any bike to class it up a bit!!

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