garelli brn 44.5mm custom cut head for MALOSSI kit
garelli brn 44.5mm custom cut head for MALOSSI kit



custom cut squish head specifically designed for the garelli NOI malossi kit!!!

these heads have been turned to clean up and re-profile the squish better performance than the stock BRN head! oh yeah, way larger = way more fins = way chilly head temps.

inner lip where head gasket fits = 56mm

head itself is 140mm L x 120mm W x 49mm H

works with the gasket that comes with the garelli malossi noi kit, but you can also use this head gasket too!!

uses short thread spark plugs

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Still feels disgusting. July 18, 2017
taco eater : Alan from Washington, DC United States  
The casting on these BRN heads feels so nasty on the hands I swear.

anyways, a well cut head. Mine had a lot of minor casting flaws in the metal where the head gasket goes but who cares cause there's a gasket there. seals real good.

The spark plug hole on this bad boy is recessed so it needs to be modified if you are going to try to accurately run a head temp sensor.

Blah blah blah shit rips for real. It's pretty impressive.

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