fuel bottle - SMALL - 500cc
fuel bottle - SMALL - 500cc



smallest of the 3 bottles we have!

i know ive ran out of gas tons of times, no matter how much you plan, and it always helps to have one of these especially when you are out alone, commuting, or just at a rally and dont wanna watch everyone ditch you as you slow to a stop because youre outta gas!!

comes with a cinch carrying bag too!!

500cc = 0.13 gallon of gas = 16oz = medium cup of coffee

20cm tall and 7cm diameter

and now, some size comparisons between all of the 3 bottles:

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hiding under my side cover October 18, 2015
taco eater : Hank the Gender Queer Toptank from Portland, OR United States  
This comes in real handy when I've been riding for too long and forget to refuel

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