derbi metrakit 19mm PHBG intake for flat reed engines
derbi variant metrakit PHBG intake



dellorto PHBG intake for derbi flat reed engines Clamp style PHBG fits perfectly on this intake. please check to make sure this is the right model for your bike!

**SOME have a hole for oil injection. we get that at random so you will receive on or the other. there is a bolt and washer blocking the hole so no worries there, all the same!**

clamp mount diameter = 22.9mm

mounting holes are 40mm wide eye to eye and 52mm long eye to eye

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fits April 15, 2013
taco eater : Tommy from Charlotte  
buuuuuut if you're looking to run a clamp style phbg you NEEEEEEED the smaller ID bushing.  So do yourself a favor and get that as well.

or just shim up the other bushing.

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intake December 13, 2009
taco eater : Victor Foley from Portland, OR United States  
you can actualy modify this intake to fit a pyramid reed engine. cut the back half off, drill 2 new holes. modify the front two holes. You can also cut the carb end back about a half inch to get the carb further away from the gas tank in a variant. It puts the carb completely level. win!

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