derbi flat reed 47.6mm bAirsAL BRK metrakit
derbi flat reed 47.6mm bAirsAL BRK metrakit



here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

NEW BRK derbi variant metrakit 47.6mm nikasil aluminum cylinder kit for the flat reed motor !!

that's a whole 0.60mm larger than the original 47 metra!! wow! 71.18cc instead of 69.4cc! insane!

includes head, intake, cylinder, piston, ring, wrist pin, clips, exhaust studs, head, base and exhaust gaskets

the same cylinder as the standard metra (produced by airsal) but punched out a lil more!

specially formulated BRK single 1mm ring piston developed just for this cylinder.

6 transfers, 2 auxiliary exhaust ports, and a nice large exhaust port and now with a single ringed piston!

the head does NOT come with a decomp valve so be prepared to re-use your old valve!

around 61.5mm thick if you need that info for some hacker n tuner application

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