dellorto SHA 16.16 carburetor with lever choke
dellorto SHA 16.16 carburetor lever



An upgrade from the stock carb on most mopeds - easily usable on peugeot 103, motobecane, minarelli, garelli, tomos, puch...just make sure you get the right intake if ya need one or the right shim. This 16mm in this listing is for the larger size outer diameter intakes (19mm outer diameter) as found on lotsa bikes, measure that thing man!. Check it out before you buy!

all sizes of SHA shims available for any intake (within reason, oh I hate reason).

This is the lever choke version or click (push) choke

if you're ride n tomos get this shim too

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4 of 5 Quality down July 22, 2015
taco eater : Skyking from Frost, TX United States  
The quality on these newer Del'Ortos is not as nice as it used to be. I bought this 16.16 to put on my GHX50, and my Morini came with a new 14.12. I have an older 17.5 that is a good deal higher quality. These new ones aren't much better looking than the Clones. Hint, hint.

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5 of 5 AMAZING w/ good intake & filter July 18, 2015
taco eater : MennoOonneM from San Diego, CA United States  
As long as you have a good air filter and a solid intake (don't forget the rubber o-ring gasket behind the shim at the clamp)- this carburetor can do no wrong. It's a good size for bigger kits or stock bikes.

Here's the o-ring gasket in a set:

Also, picking a good air filter or modding the stock filter and air box can be an important part of tuning.

After trying a variety of filters, I really like this overall:

Chamfering the slide or modding it is also an option for tuning.

This is a very underrated carb.

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4 of 5 Good looking carb doods December 4, 2010
taco eater : Anonymous Person  
No problem mounting with the long intake I got. Looks nice and shiney! Hope it works as good as it looks. The choke is a little confusing. Ha

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4 of 5 good shit but dont fit August 23, 2010
taco eater : ryan burnette from Jacksonville, FL United States  
well built, easy to work on. fits on a puch e50 but not when your puch e50 is mounted to a 78 jc penney pinto. you can make it work but the choke lever will be blocked. maybe somebody else played more tetris in their youth and had better luck.. back to bing.

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5 of 5 Rocks Derbi's World June 22, 2010
taco eater : Greg Wolf from Denver, PA United States  
Makes My Derbi Rip. Jetted to 76. Classic, Easy to Tune.

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