dellorto PHBG AS 16mm carburetor
dellorto PHBG AS 16mm carburetor

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this is the clamp style 16mm PHBG Dellorto carburetor with three jets (main, pilot, idle), pull style choke, mixture screw, and endless tuning opportunities thanks to a wide variety of needles, throttle slides, jets, etc. they solve many of the problems had with old inefficient carbs on motobecane, peugeot, puch, minarelli, sachs, garelli... also available in rubber mount style, black race edition, and other sizes. all the jets are available as well.

16mm - clamp style - pull choke

the dellorto 16mm AS carburetor generally comes with this set up so you can plan your tuning
atomizer = 262 AU
main jet = 74
idle jet = 50
starter jet = 60
float = gr .4
needle = W7
slide = 40

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