dellorto PHBG 21mm AS clamp style carburetor
dellorto PHBG AS 21mm clamp style


this is the clamp style 21mm PHBG dellorto carburetor with three jets (main, pilot, idle), pull style choke, mixture screw, and endless tuning opportunities thanks to a wide variety of needles, throttle slides, jets, etc. They solve many of the problems had with old inefficient carbs on motobecane, peugeot, puch, minarelli, sachs, garelli... also available in rubber mount style, black race edition, and other sizes. all the jets are available as well.

21mm - AS - clamp style - pull choke

the dellorto 21mm AS carburetors generally* come with this set up so you can plan your tuning (generally = the jets may or may not be exactly the same - the atomizer will be the same for sure)
main jet = 92
idle jet = 50
starter jet = 60
slide = 40
needle = W7
atomizer = 262 AU

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4 of 5 Honda mtx 65cc tune up January 28, 2014
taco eater : michael misson from nr newmarket, suffolk United Kingdom  
Fitted this carb on the 21 mm intake (also supplied by treat land). Fitted perfectly on my honda mtx, the only fiddly bit is getting the cable into the slide body, it has a white plastic clip that stops the cable nipple coming out and with my great big hands it was fiddle, My only real complaint would be the stupid paper gasket that goes between the main body of the carb and the top piece, this should really be a rubber seal and not a paper gasket. I could see this failing quickly if you had the carb apart a few times.  the bike fired third kick. It sounds like a motocross bike with a lovely "ring ting ting" noise coming from the  exhaust. The jetting it comes with suits my set up perfectly, good solid idle, clean pick up through the rev range. Very clean, have not yet played with the jets or set the mixture up  100% properly (have basically set it). Pulls hard with tight new barrel and piston straight out of the box, happy days :)) Mike

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