dellorto PHBG 1.5mm carburetor shim for clamp style PHBGs
dellorto PHBG 1.5mm carburetor shim


1.5mm PHBG clamp style shim, use when needed to make your PHBG a lil smaller than its usual 24mm ID.

OD = 26mm - ID = 23mm

this is a perfect replacement vm18 shim that is better than the one the vm18 comes with.

you can use any vm18 intake if you use this shim! so rad!

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1 of 5 Didn’t work for me. April 21, 2022
taco eater : Jason Rosenthal from Red oak, TX United States  
1983 Honda NC50 express 18mm intake 18mm clamp on carburetor the shim took a while to get it into the carburetor I think it’s a little too big forced it onto the intake had an air leak put the factory shim back in and everything worked fine just make sure the split in the shim doesn’t lineup with the top opening.

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2 of 5 Am I doing it wrong? September 7, 2021
taco eater : TIMOTHY from Parma, OH United States  
I bought this to use on my MLM 18mm clamp intake with a Mikuni VM18 carburetor.  Its a very tight fit. However the shim has a lip that does not allow the intake tube to push all the way into the carburetor rubber seal and make a good seal. I think because of this I had an air leak where the carb is split to allow it to clamp because the plastic shim would not let the carb push in far enough. I bought this because it was cheap and recommended when purchasing either the carb or the intake, I don't recall which. I ended up putting the split shim back on that the VM 18 came with.

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5 of 5 This is the RIGHT shim for a VM18 July 8, 2017
taco eater : Ismael Canas from Imperial Beach, CA United States  
If you have an air leak that you can't find, it's likely the crappy split shim that comes with the VM18. This will solve all your problems. Fits 100% perfecto right out the gate. Hobbit runs right as rain now with this shim!

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5 of 5 phbg over vm18? May 12, 2013
taco eater : Andy from ATL  
If that's what you think than this is just what you need to clamp mount a phbg onto a vm18 intake! ALRIGHT!

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