custom cut stock vespa Grande, Bravo and Si HEAD - sport production edition
custom cut stock vespa Grande, Bravo and Si HEAD - sport production edition



now introducing the sport production custom cut stock vespa grande, bravo and si head. these are cut to increase compression and power on stock builds! now you can get a little more umpf outta that little ciao. yeehaw!

according to the experts, these heads will work great for you if you are running an upgraded pipe, giving you more puling power and torque.

additionally, you can run a 1mm base spacer and increase your port duration for more rpms and mph!!! a winning combo!

in either case, don't forget to upjet. hehe.

some of these come with decomps and some do not. in either case, plan on reusing your decomp parts or get new ones. don't forget to lap those decomp valves before use too!!!

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5 of 5 Does what it says May 25, 2021
taco eater : @Kickstandbois from Detroit, MI United States  
Installed with no issues on my grande. Lapped the valve to the head and didn't have any leaks. It does indeed make the bike pull a little bit harder up hills with a stock cylinder. Running a proma pipe with stock carb and a malossi air filter.

Pull the old head off, pull the pin out of the decomp assembly, put valve grinding compound on just a bit of the valve, use very small amount, put valve in new head, take a drill and put it in the chuck, spin it, take valve out and clean everything, put valve assembly in new head, slap that new bad boi on there and blast! Well, not blast but you'll go faster than you did before.

You can install this part in like 10 minutes.

But that part about lapping the valve with grinding compound is important, don't want any air leaks in the decompression area.


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