custom cut 45.5mm high compression OLD STYLE head - for QT50 malossi kit! - super street
custom cut 45.5mm high compression head - for QT50 malossi kit!


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custom cut squish 45.5mm head specifically designed for the yamaha QT50/YT60/SG50/MJ50 malossi kit! that's right, the squish angle is spot on for the unique dome shape of the malossi piston.

this one is cut to super street specs meaning it has a pinch more compression and is more suited for your super ripper setup!

NOTE! due to the unique shape of the malossi kit piston, you will need some spark plug index washers to space the tip of the plug away from the dome of the piston. we found that the thickest of the index washers works well!

NOTE! this head uses standard short thread plugs.

***there is some very small pitting from the initial casting of the heads. it will not affect the performance do not fret***

for malossi kit part # 31 8007

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