custom cut 45.5mm high compression head - for QT50 malossi kit!
custom cut 45.5mm high compression head - for QT50 malossi kit!

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custom cut squish 45.5mm head specifically designed for the yamaha QT50/YT60/SG50/MJ50 malossi kit! that's right, the squish angle is spot on for the unique dome shape of the malossi piston.

now that the squish is all perfecto, just adjust the final squish distance with base gasket thickness to really get things dialed.

there is also a .003 - .005 compression lip machined around the edge of the head. it's there to increase the compression on the head gasket for an even better seal!

***note that there is some very small pitting from the initial casting of the heads. it will not affect the performance do not fret***

for malossi kit part # 31 8007

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1 of 5 poor quality, average performance October 8, 2016
taco eater : stoker100 from Australia  
casting pour has small voids, may not effect performance but is not a good sign of quality. Swapped out my hand turned out 45mm stock QT50 head for this one and lost 2-3mph top speed, same compression (163psi) and jetting. Better spend your money elsewhere.

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