complete puch E50 pull start kit - STOCK / TREAT CDI
complete puch E50 pull start kit


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complete pull start conversion unit for puch e50 for removing the start clutch mechanism! lighten your internal rotating mass and eliminate the failure prone starting system.

This is for stock flywheel set-ups and the adventure cdi, not hpi.

pull start cover housing is made from 18 and 20 gauge steel for long lastin pullin performance.

includes all the items in the photo above!!

NOTE the nut is metric thread but has a standard 11/16 hex head

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Overall excellent homemade style part March 9, 2017
taco eater : Dean Hopkins from Brooklyn, NY United States  
-remove the little black bolt on the pulley/basket.  put some grease down under the fender washer AND loktite that bolt back on!  the bolt fell out on a friend.  the grease will help it pull smoother since it's metal on metal contact under the fender washer.

-grease the actual rope to help minimize friction as it goes in and out of the basket.

-the basket casting wasn't perfect so you can use a belt sander or file to smooth out the edges and underside so it fits perfectly flat onto the cover housing.  

-it's a little tight fitting when installing onto the engine case, but I like that.  better to be sung than loose.  you might want to sand the inner lip of the housing a bit if it's too tight.  add a tiny bit of grease before installing to make removal easier.  you might have to gently tap on it with a rubber mallet to get it to seat fully.

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awesome February 3, 2017
taco eater : Jose Gutierrez from Chicago, IL United States  
Great product went in super smooth on my power dynamo cdi super easy to start my e50

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You know you want it January 2, 2017
taco eater : Countryobtunning from Princeton , MA United States  
I was running a diy set-up for little then decided to buy this pull start because it's waterproof and better quality made. just for info the flywheel nut head is a US standard socket**( drove me crazy until I grabed my US socket set). Only down falls maxi pedals Still don't clear and it's only primed not painted. Works really good! much better then my diy set up and it seems a little easier to pull compared too.

For best results follow the corn:

If your running a 6.5 treats you can take off the starter back plate, this transmission is going to be stupid light**

Checking Timming could be an issue here? But the pawl does back-off after starting so I would assume you could take the cover off and then check timming, but turn engine off before re-installing cover and pull start lol

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Makes a big difference on clutch December 25, 2016
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Long Beach, CA United States  
Although I have not ran this particular pull start set up , I have made my own and there is a huge performance advantage. You do not have to run the starter plate. This means no drag against the pivot arm inside the clutch cover so your rear wheel spins free. Also no starter plate allows way more fluid to bath the clutch dramatically reducing fade. Also on kitted bikes that make power that stater plate throws out causing the clutch bell snap ring to pop loose. Seems a little spendy though. Not that hard to make using your original ignition cover

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