complete motobecane pull start kit - AV7
complete motobecane pull start kit - AV7


complete pull start conversion unit for motobecane av10 mopeds!! this is so that you can use the kickstart variator parts without having to do the dreaded cardboard trick...yep!

basically, its for the le partie ignition that comes with av10 stock

pull start cover housing is made from 18 and 20 gauge steel for long lastin pullin performance.

includes all the items in the photo above!!

instructions can be found here! yes! a moped part with instructions, what a world!

NOTE the nut is metric thread but has a standard 11/16 hex head

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Works Gr8 July 5, 2018
taco eater : Brandon from Oakland, CA United States  
Follow the directions on the mopedarmy page and you'll be set. Required a tiny bit of dremel work to fit with the stock pipe. Guess that's my fault for running a stock pipe.

You will need to grab a new case bolt or two.

Winding unit does not sit completely flush on the pull start body. I guess you could sand the uneven parts down.

Pricy overall, but works great with my Doppler ER2. No more cardboard starts.

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Jumped through hoops for this guy May 31, 2017
taco eater : cheetahchrome from penryn, CA United States  
After seeing pics of the damage caused by the spooler breaking I offered this guy a new pawl replacement. He was so busy berating me for the broken spool he never sent me a shipping address. What can you do?

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Complete garbage! May 26, 2017
taco eater : brent from saskatoon, SK Canada  
This thing is completely garbage! The spool broke after maybe 30 pulls, mangled up the aluminum pawl as well in the process.  After talking with the manufacturer I had to replace the spool and manufacture my my own paw nut on my own dime.

Save yourself the headache and the money! This is garage! - only bad product I've ever received from treats!

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