black MODULAR bar end mirror
black MODULAR bar end mirror



one of the most versatile mirrors we many positions you can put it in!!!! think of the possibilities. LEFT OR RIGHT side. either side you wanna pop it in, and it can face up or down. plus, the mirror is convex so its like bubble view, meaning you can see the great big fish eye world around you!

dont look in it though, somehow the badman made it into the photo!!! scary!!!

mirror is 72mm diameter and sticks out about 110mm when mounted to the bar

make sure you line up the slits in the spreading open part when mounting so it grabs the inside of the bar the right way!! thas the trick...

for 7/8" bars

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Cheap and versatile. March 5, 2018
taco eater : Anonymous Person  
However, you'll need to pop off the mirror and glue it back on with some better adhesive. I've had two mirrors fall out before I realized it was an issue.

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