New!  batavus m48 custom cut COUNTERSUNK head - SUPER STREET
batavus m48 custom cut COUNTERSUNK head - SUPER STREET



custom cut squish 40mm head specifically machined to match the dome profile of the stock batavus laura m48 piston!! this baby is countersunk an impressive 2.8mm to make up for the massive squish that the m48 has stock!

please note this was cut to an original batavus M48 engine we had and I am sure there are multiple variations of pistons/cylinders out there so definitely double check this will work for you. we have not heard of any instances of it not working yet. if we do we will alert you here to any known inconsistencies!

this could be the secret to true bat power if such a thing even exists.

this one is cut to super street specs meaning it has high compression and is more suited for racing and ripper builds!

uses stock head gaskets.

some more notes on this from the maker -

These are high compression so you can raise the exhaust port ! For those that are unaware the higher the exhaust port controlling edge the less time for compression, = less compression.

These heads with stock exhaust port height will have a lot of compression, torque and heat in high RPMs. If you're into low rpm and a lot of pull then upjet and retard the ignition timing .

Stock batavus barrel tuning !
For the hacker and dudes with extra cylinders, a safe number to widen your exhaust port is 67% the cord width . Make sure to radius all newly cut edges !! Maybe the old edges too !

The blow down / exhaust duration
It's super cool to throw a degree wheel on and set the exhaust timing or you can document your small steps. When you increase the exhaust size and duration you will also increase the engines ability to Rev higher! Higher Rpms means more mph , at some point the main transfers will not support an exhaust port that is open too long . There is a limit but no one knows what it is !

Piston ring position and boost port
There's enough room between the ring pegs for a cylinder finger port . ( channel cut into the cylinder wall) with a matching window in the piston you now have a 3 port super stock M48!!

It's going to be interesting to see who makes the fastest Batavus !

***note that there is some very small pitting from the initial casting of the heads. it will not affect the performance do not fret***

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5 of 5 Head Gasket? July 10, 2020
taco eater : Leo from San Diego, CA United States  
Just wondering since the stock M48 doesn't use a head gasket.  Looks cool though.

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5 of 5 Oh my poor clutch. July 10, 2020
taco eater : ADAM RIS from Lakewood, CA United States  
Sounds like a dream! Where my clutch doesn't love my choice.
**QUESTION- could the head be paired with the 64cc morini cylinder kit?

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