USED vespa 16" mag wheel set - 4 star grey NICE
USED vespa ciao 16" mag wheel set - 4 star grey NICE

alternate reality price $159.99

 :*sorry none today*

**each set we have is in roughly the same overall condition as the ones pictured. you will get one at random, but they are all basically equal! some have tires on them and some not...don't worry, the tires are really crappy and need to be replaced anyway**

vespa piaggio 16" mag wheel set. 4 star style grey. these have the offeset brake plate that we don't currently know what model they are for? late ciao? SI? grillo? citta? super bravo?

comes with front wheel with axle and brake plate and brakes + rear mag wheel! NO gearbox.

these are USED. they are dirty and a bit scratched up. no returns!!!! no complaining. ok?

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