USED vespa 16" FIRE SALE mag wheel set
USED vespa 16" FIRE SALE mag wheel set
alternate reality price $99.99


vespa piaggio 16" mag wheel set. 4 star style grey. these have the OFFSET brake plate that we don't currently know what model they are for?

fire sale, discount, get em outta here!! slap em on whatever you can, use them as a decoration in your home or boat, play spin the mag, whatever!

these are all different!!!! maybe you will get a different shade of grey, there are about 13 shades of grey not 50, and you could be missing some nuts and washers. comes with brake plate that may also not be complete. NO gearbox. most dont have tires, but all the tires are old anyway.

this kinda sounds like a riddle doesnt it? or does it not?

they can be scratched, might have a chip or little dent so if you are a perfectionist then you will probably wanna close this window right now

no returns, sorry!!!!!!

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