USED rizzato buffalo / callifone case-inducted engine - kickstart
USED rizzato buffalo / callifone case-inducted engine - kickstart

alternate reality price $144.99

 :*sorry none today*

i know what youre thinking, but no this is not the normal rizzato califfo engine we have in the US, its actually a euro model thats one speed, fan cooled and used a buuunch in europe, actually pretty rad to research if you feel like learning a bit...

with mods, i was able to mount and run one of these on a maxi frame, but its a LOT of work and only for the absolute right person to do so dont expect it to just mount right on. its a pretty fun engine to be honest if you have the above!! -rod

pretty similar to a minarelli but everything is on the opposite sides

this is the newer kickstart version so if youre making a sick offroad ped or chopper or something that you cant start on the center stand or you hate to pedal, say goodbye to your problems!

has an ignition, fan and shroud, and the fan cools the cylinder

its case inducted, and we actually have a bigger polini 19mm intake here for it!! been waiting years to link up that intake and hah it finally happened...

clutch parts / internals seem to all be there. turns over but the kickstart mechanism is very sticky and will need to be gone through.

could be a really interesting, sick build for the right person...yep, i like it for sure

top mounts are 170mm apart, rear are 85mm apart and width of mounts is 65mm

no returns on this, sorry!! and its not guaranteed to run without you putting work into it!!

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