USED puch stock maxi upper yoke - gold rush
USED puch stock maxi upper yoke - gold rush


used puch maxi upper yoke!! we got blue, red, mint green and black. let us know what you would like and we shall hook it up if we can.
the holes are threaded m7 x 1.0

works with the puch handlebar clamps, the one piece handlebar clamp if you drill the holes to m7 or just use really long m6 bolts n nuts, the ebr hydraulic clamps work but are m6 so same deal as the previous

basically the center to center of holes is about 30mm x 60mm apart. fork bolt holes are m8 and triple top is about a 26mm hole. has the hole for the cables to all go through like the original.

these also replace the puch maxi ebr stock maxi forks upper yoke

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