USED 16" yukka mags option 3.111
USED 16" yukka mags option 3.111

alternate reality price $185.00

 :*sorry none today*

featured on yukka's purple maxi from the Lockits all girl moped gang in SF and also rodneys bat grand prix, except she used them longer so she gets the name

***the paint on this set is a little worse and has flaked off in some spots...hence the lower price***

and now, the moment you have all been waiting for!!!!!

these are 3 star bernardi 16" mag wheels. USED of course. not sure what they are for exactly, but i bet you could easily put them on puch, mbk, peugeot... maybe? the brake plate doesn't have the slot for puchs so don't forget you'll have to do something to make it work!!!!!
they are used so remember no complaints on these, yes they may have a few scratches but nothing to worry about my dears!

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5 of 5 Get spinnin':'78 Batavus Starflite stock swing arm March 22, 2016
taco eater : Alan from Washington, DC United States  
I slapped these bad lads on my '78 Bat with almost minimal swearing! Had to do a little filing work on the dropouts to get proper clearance. They're still a pretty tight squeeze but they work swimmingly.

They are a little effed in terms of trueness or axles or something, I cant tell. Front wheel has a mild hop to it, which i don't notice when it's on the bike, and the pedal sprocket is a little wonky/wobbly. None of it is bad enough for me to care though. It's just nice to have brakes again.

Beggars can't be choosers and i'm just glad I finally found a wheel set that actually fits on my turd of a bike.

Big thanks to treats for measuring these and helping make sure they'd fit.

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