Stage6 minarelli vertical 70cc sport pro MK2 cylinder kit
Stage6 minarelli vertical 70cc sport pro MK2 cylinder kit



Stage6 Cylinder Kit 70cc Sport Pro MK2 10mm piston pin Minarelli vertical (Yamaha BW's / Slider - MBK Booster / Stunt). The first generation Sport Pro MK1 cylinders became very popular among scooter tuners, then Stage6 took things to the next level and introduced the successor, the Sport Pro MKII.

The cylinder was completely redesigned; 6 instead of 5 transfer ports ensure optimized cylinder filling. The oval exhaust remained but was optimized as well. The appearance is based on the pentagonal shape of the R/T cylinders. The head is a one-piece unit with cast scavenging canals for better heat dissipation. The piston is a replica of the R/T piston, with a domed piston crown and 0.8 mm thick piston ring to optimise performance and improve thermal stability.

The cylinder delivers 2 to 3 hp more power than the MK1, between 12 hp, without any additional modifications and in combination with the corresponding components. Maximum performance and outstanding robustness - we are sure that this cylinder will set new standards in the tuning scene.

We recommend using a reinforced crankshaft, a min. 19mm carburetor and a sport / racing exhaust to exploit the full power of this tuning cylinder..

47.6mm diameter bore
10mm wrist pin

includes everything in the photos plus gaskets, wrist pin, clips, and some hardware.

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