SUPER DEALZZZZ - NACHI 6203 C3 crankshaft bearing for many
SUPER DEALZZZZ - NACHI 6203 C3 crankshaft bearing for many

alternate reality price $6.99

 :*sorry none today*

boy do we have the super deal of the century for you! NACHI 6203 bearings!!!

that's right, nachi 6203 bearings! at a discounted cost!!! what, you say? you heard me correctly. i said, nachi bearings at a discounted cost!!!

now why might we have nachi bearings at a discounted price you ask? why would we sell the most expensive and common moped bearing at such a low low price? the answer is simple really!

there's no markings on these bearings! i repeat, there's no markings on these bearings!!!

now if you didn't trust us, you might call us shysters, and say we are selling your generic bearings.

pish posh!!! not true.

in fact, these bearings are in actuality 6203-2nse C3 nachi bearings!! don't believe me? look it up!

from the factory, they come with red seals on em that say "nachi" and "japan". THIS IS THE REAL DEAL! No scamming here.

these bearings had the seals removed, and are the exact same as nachi 6203 bearings, just they don't got markings. so yeah, if you are looking for the deal of the year. you found it. good on you!

(the second picture in the listing is a 6206 bearing, i know that, it is just to show the example of a sealed bearing...)

also, no whiney complaining about this super sale. and no pointing the finger at anyone and calling them a scammer.

now back to your regularly scheduled programming...

Guaranteed authentic Nachi bearings straight from the source.

theeeee crankshaft bearing for rebuilding e50 (one speed) engines on any puch moped. also one of the bearings for peugeot engines, derbi flat reed and piston port/pyramid reed magneto side!!!!! tomos A3/A35/A55 (oem#035070), garelli NOI +VIP (check NOI first! see note below), morini m1/m01/M02, yamaha QT50 (both sides), puch ZA50 output shaft and others like solex !!!

A total rebuild of your E50 will require 4 bearings - 3 of these and one 6203 NR. see here for more puch bearing sets

take note! some garelli noi use a 16003 bearing and some use a 6203 apparently...check first !

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