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Springs are ehhhhhhh July 10, 2019
taco eater : Juleon Cotillon from San Jose, CA United States  
Pick up a set of Malossi clutch springs part #2911326. Comes with three different spring rates colored red, white, & yellow. They fit and feel much better than the springs ya get with the jammer. Make sure to bend em a lil to free up the movement from the paint.

I'm currently using the white springs with type f fluid. Very happy with how the clutch is performing now. The jammer clutch is a good boy, just make sure to replace the springs for more potential.

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No face rippin' here June 8, 2019
taco eater : Rex Sheler from Grand Rapids , MI United States  
I trashed my 2 shoe pads during a 1 week head to head comparison with this 6.4 jammer, even with an MLM brace. Right now I'm running the weakest springs with Royal Purple ATF. Magnum Gila, V force 3 reeds, BK100, 18/40 gearing, 24 flatside. Mellow takeoff is no Hobbit, so I will go back to testing the middle springs once I'm sure the bell/plate will hold up to the stress. So get the jammer! It won't shred like a 2 shoe.

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Seems solid February 27, 2019
taco eater : Todd Shearer from Seattle, WA United States  
I believe the lightest springs might be installed but regardless, it’s a ripper. It was a game changer on an established build.

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confused July 7, 2018
taco eater : nash brunelle from tiverton, RI United States  
So in the description  - The medium springs are installed on the clutch when you get it. If you are running stock or mild setup you will want to grab the weakest springs too, which are not included.

Then I click on the link for "weakest springs too, which are not included",

And that link says "these are the lightest ones that come with both jammers. you get 3 springs!"

so which one is right? know what i mean?

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The Holy Grail of Clutches May 12, 2018
taco eater : Joe Peloquin from Chicago, IL United States  
This clutch is nasty! Currently on my Gila build with a BK100. I've got an the hpi mini and both my clutch bell and starter plate are lightened. After experimenting with many fluid/spring combos I've finally found the perfect setup! Heaviest springs it comes with and 170cc's of 5w-20! Slips right into the pipe and just about melts the skin right off your face! Blast past variated bikes off the line no problem and leave them confused as hell! Don't believe me? Try it for yourself!

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Smooth June 15, 2017
taco eater : Christophe Naulet from Los Angeles, CA United States  
Gila 74cc set up with HPI mini rotor, Estoril pipe and Polini 24mm carb.
Check out the video review in this link.

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Wicked pissah bud August 22, 2016
taco eater : Wayne Gates from Antrim, NH United States  
65 airsal proma curcuit cheapy cdi royal purple max atf heavy springs and the thing rips  wicked hard only have 600 miles now and no problems yet file/dremal where the springs go

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Clutch hits hard. August 16, 2015
taco eater : Gabriel Lagunas from Chicago , IL United States  
70cc hpi setup. This thing revs to the sky and when the clutch engages it will rip your face off. Only thing is my clutch did not come with black oxide bolts? What happened treats? Mine were regular bolts? Is that how it's supposed to be? The description says black oxide... Well clutch still rips. Now to see how long these shoes last on my not so forgiving setup.

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A Keeper June 28, 2015
taco eater : Chinatown Kicks from Boston MA  
You know how sometimes you'll try some new version of a thing and it's just not as good as the one you're replacing, and you end up selling it or trading it or letting it gether dust in a pile?  This is not that thing.  When it grabs it's like the hand of God coming down and shoving you forward.

I bought this when it first came out and just got around to installing it on a 62cc kit.  Some of the reviews suggest using the lightest springs and Royal Purple ATF.  That grabbed a little too early for me.  I revved WAY higher on the medium springs and went back to adjust gearing and fluid.

The way I installed the springs is like with brake pads.  Set the shoes up perpendicular to the body, get the springs on there, and then snap the shoes down into place, bolt them in, and you're done.

ALSO! When you put the thing back together, remember to line up the tapped holes in the body with the untapped holes in the starter plate, or you'll stare at it wondering how you get it off.

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review 2.0 February 18, 2015
taco eater : Jon Feldman from Cupertino, CA United States  

i tried runnin sooooo many diff oils with this slut n have made some conclusions.

THICK OIL = lack of slip at idle ( you need to break friction to get it to slip ) but once it starts slipping, itll slip forever. with 20w50 / lucas oil stabilizer id be goin up a steep hill and the clutch would simply disengage and begin to slip at like 9k.

THIN OIL = more slip at idle but less overall slip. with b&m trick shift atf itd slip nice at idle but slip way less through engagement. no more opening the throttle at 35 mph and slipping into 9k


i loved the thick ass oil when i was rippin around not needing to stop. straight slippin the shit outta the clutch mashin up hills

but the thick oil was horrible for riding daily. like fuck this is a total bitch off idle and stupid in stop n go traffic.

i ended up with the thin oil ( trick shift ), more conservative for daily riding. but maybe id put in the maple syrup again if im knowingly rippin the shit outta hills.

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