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5 of 5 wiring alert June 16, 2022
taco eater : Marc Friedman from Davis , CA United States  
i believe the above descriptions of what each wire does is in error. the 5 wire allows for a timed cutoff of power to whatever you are powering. the red wire goes to the plus of the battery. the red/orange wire is the plus side of 12 volt dc lighting.

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5 of 5 Works well - HPI mini rotor November 5, 2018
taco eater : slowmotion from Webster, TX United States  
Wired this bad boy up to a capacitor and oh man, LET THERE BE LIGHT!!!

Black - Ground (- side or ground)
Red - Capacitor/Battery and lights (+ side)
Red/Yellow -  Not used
Yellow 1 - input AC current coming from Stator
Yellow 2 - Also Ground

Wired up my pinto this way there was no need to float the ground.  Voltage stays regulated around 13V - 14V (adjusted) with no issues.

The post on mopedarmy about wiring this up does not work and you don't have to float the ground.

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5 of 5 Works well, but needs some subtle hints June 24, 2015
taco eater : Mikey Antonakakis from Ypsilanti, MI United States  
Okay, so, you got this, and want to make it work. Make sure you have single-phase AC with floating ground. Maybe you can get away without using floating ground, I'm not sure, but might as well just do it. What's floating ground? Make sure your light coil(s) isn't grounded, and then each side of the coil goes to the two yellow wires. Then black and red are your DC power and ground. Red/yellow is for making your headlights turn on and off with the engine, it needs a little rewiring to work (basically it's a switched ground controlled by the regulator).

Most important thing -- you need a charged 12V battery, or the thing won't let any voltage out. If you don't want to run a battery, put a capacitor between power and ground (red and black wires). I'm using a 25V or 50V 2200uF guy, seems to do the trick.

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5 of 5 Works great! September 10, 2012
taco eater : deadped ryan from Nashville, TN  
I'm running this with the 12v coil that has two leads on it - however it's a low power and high power coil both still grounded through the mounting. If you want to run this you have to float your light coil.

Just de-solder the part of the coil attached to the ferrous core, solder on a wire and hook the original wire and the new wire to both the yellow wires on the regulator - BOOM DONE.

reference this thread if you have any questions, I also drew a wiring diagram for you - you're welcome.,3074968,3084618

As long as you've got a 12v coil and a soldering gun - you're good.

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4 of 5 make sure you've got 2 AC leads from ur coil March 12, 2012
taco eater : cat teets from Albany, NY United States  
If you've only got a single AC lighting lead, this will NOT work without further modification to your lighting coil. You will need to float the ground and convert to a 2 wire system. You'll also want a battery or capacitor to clean up the noisy juice going to your DC accessories.

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5 of 5 12v DC August 19, 2011
taco eater : 10Speed from Auckland, NZ  
Just what you need if you're running LED's, which are just what you need if you're running a 10W HPI lighting coil...

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