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1 of 5 Awesome for 30 minutes October 22, 2020
taco eater : Michael Kuriger from Santa Clarita, CA United States  
Great performance, 60+ mph and 350 degree temps.  But it only lasted 30 minutes or so before it failed.  Maybe I got a dud?

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5 of 5 Awesome. October 12, 2020
taco eater : Quattro Audi from KENSINGTON, CT United States  
Very strong system. Can run 12v LEDs now. Have it on a 65cc metrakit/phbg/mlm cali setup and it rips. Would buy for all my bikes but I'm trying the powerdynamo next.

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1 of 5 RE: Ryan Nash ..... February 10, 2018
taco eater : Patrick Murphy from Hyannis, MA United States  
Hope the ripped skin on you face has healed.
I had to use chicken wire and a staple gun to get my face back on.

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3 of 5 Works with Kreidler MP... Sorta November 7, 2017
taco eater : Doug Wilhelm from Gladstone, MO United States  
I bought this for my Kreidler MP-19 (MP-9 is same motor). In order to use this, I had to do the following:

shave material from crankcase mounting area (mounting holes don't line up perfectly), reduce mounting plate thickness, and use two washers under the nut that keeps the flywheel on.

Stock motor with 15mm Bing and Proma exhaust, and I noticed no significant power gains after installing this part. Will play with timing more if I find time.

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1 of 5 May work for others, but didn't for me October 16, 2017
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Redwood City, CA United States  
For credibility I'll put it out there that I am a full time motorcycle technician at a Honda dealership in California and I used to design electric test fixtures for major tech companies in the bay area.

I mounted this system on my 1987 Honda CR250R and I spent 8 hours bruising the shit out of my foot because it wouldn't start.

Inspected with my ohm meter and nothing was wrong.

Swapped the Honda ignition back and 2 kick start.

I measured the  piston position with the pickup coil lined to the magnet, notated the crank and piston position with oem ignition, then set the HPI system to be exactly where the Honda system is timed. STILL no start.

Decided to take a video comparing stock vs hpi and hpi spark is incredibly weak. You can watch the video here..

If you have something that is under 100cc this system probably works great, but for big boy bikes this system is a no go.

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4 of 5 Great! But comes with Problems July 11, 2017
taco eater : Andy from Detroit, MI  
I've bought 2 of these and they are great but come with problems.

First let's hit the goods. Once set up this ignition is perfect! Noticeably more power and smoother across the entire powerband. I've had so much trouble with points wanting to stuffer and pop at high RPMs and this will fix all of those problems.

On the other hand the first ignition I bought worked for half a block and the CDI shit out. Treats was totally great to me and got me a new one with next day shipping! Cool no problem.

The second one I got had the blue and white wires on the plug flipped and the flywheel timing mark exactly 90 degrees to the right of where it was supposed to be (thanks timing light!) once I figured that out it was perfect.

Great ignition but maybe the quality control should step up their game. Overall, this is all I run now.

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5 of 5 Serious ignition system May 10, 2017
taco eater : Jared Diaz from Laguna Niguel, CA United States  
This mini rotor cdI setup greatly improves throttle response and torque with the advantage of a timing curve that maximizes performance across the powerband. I was shocked at how snappy my throttle is and my low end torque really woke up with this ignition system. A+

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5 of 5 perfect for derbi February 22, 2016
taco eater : Ryan Nash from New Orleans, LA United States  
*EDITED 2/22/16*

I've used this on Puch, Derbi and Minarelli V1.  Pretty much the only ignition I will use.  This particular one also bolts on to the Derbi 4V motor (4 speed shifter).  Bolts right on, no modifications.  It also bolts right up to PR and PP cases.

Original review:

bolts right on to derbi flat reed cases, and probably pyramid reed and piston port.

HPI says 2-4mm.  At 4mm it ripped my skin off my face but quickly got heat soaked.  At 3mm it had violent take off but still was a little too hot to handle (400+).  I settled at 2.25mm with max temps @ 380deg.

Just get it, stop reading the reviews.  BUY ME.  You won't be sorry.

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3 of 5 Finicky but amazing September 11, 2015
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Derry, NH  
The reason it tells you to time it anywhere between 2-4mm btdc is because the actual firing marks vary A LOT. Mine was around 20 degrees advanced from the mark on the stator causing me to run backwards until I used a timing light.

Also be sure you dont take too much weight off your crank!

This is however no reason not to get it, its got amazing throttle response, bright lights, and ease of operation once you learn to handle its amazingness.

Edit: the stator can shit the bed randomly. You may have it work for 2 months or maybe 2 years who knows. I had it installed by the guys at lucky 2 strokes the first time and followed the same method every time (not much method to it) so I know it was right. Then ran it for 3 months then gonzo. it really sucks that this can happen to a $300 CDI that one might expect to be reliable

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5 of 5 Awesome RPM's September 23, 2014
taco eater : jbruzer from Lancaster, PA United States  
Just keeps on whining baby!! YEAHhh!!
(A55 LX- This product works best with a stuffed crank, tighter clutch springs and clutch, and around 2.5mm piston adjustment from TOP on head of your 70 or 80cc engine)

I slapped on a 70cc Airsal kit, a biturbbb and a 19mm PHBG race clone, and boy this just couldn't be any better Ill tell ya! helluva machine
oh and a uni air filter
44-46mph half throttle.   47 48  49   50 is full throttle with increasing rpms.
are my lights brighter as well? yessir-dippity
carefull itll start spitting and spattering and heating up if it isnt timed right

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