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5 of 5 A cheap and easy upgrade April 3, 2021
taco eater : Gary Coy from Springfield, OH United States  
Add this to my 89 Elite E, pretty much a Spree under the hood, and it added 5+ mph to my top end with no other upgrades. I didn't even need to upjet from the stock carb jet, this may not apply to everyone, please do your own testing. Take off is slower, but when it hits 15mph it hits like a rocket booster. Not many go fast parts for the Spree or Elite E, but this is one you should get.

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5 of 5 Excellent results on my 86' Iowa Edition Spree September 16, 2017
taco eater : Eric Clark from Spencer, IA United States  
I bought this pipe a while back as part of a restoration I was doing. My Spree is an Iowa edition so it of course, had the state mandated restrictions like smaller main jet, washer in the muffler, lower gear ratio. So when I decided to bump up the potential of the Spree, I went with the Tazland BBK and Gears and added in the MLM People's Pipe for good measure. My configuration uses a 17mm Polini CP carb & I have EASILY hit 40mph. The 40mph mark was reached at 8,000 RPM, and this pipe is good for over 11,000+ RPM. Want proof?

That is a video I took testing my setup on a Dynojet 250i. 50mph+ is very possible with this pipe!! This is one bad ass pipe. Top speed on the DynoJet 250i was 52mph!!

For more info please read:

Wanna make your Spree go like a bat out of hell?? Please read this tutorial:

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5 of 5 Great Upgrade for Elite E/ES (SB50) Too! May 29, 2016
taco eater : Sean Lynch from Tucson, AZ United States  
Bought one for my Spree, but used it on an Elite E rebuild for a friend. Paired it with a stock cylinder with the exhaust port raised by one ring width & a .020" shaved cylinder head. Changed the drive belt for a Dayton AX24 & put 2.75-10 Kendas on.

This little bike zips now! Where it used to get to 28mph eventually, it will now zip on up to 35mph and pull nearly 38mph on the flats with a 250lb rider. Power comes on around 10mph & really comes on just before 20mph. Exhaust noise is a bit more assertive than stock, but not obnoxious.

The stock #68 main jet works fine at 2500 ft, but I would consider a #70 main jet at sea level. I set the mix at 1 7/8 turns out instead of the factory 1 3/4 turns & it fires right up.

Only odd bit about fitment was that the divergent cone makes it a bit tricky to install the lower mounting bolt, but not impossible.

Already ordered another one for my Spree and I'll be getting a third one for my Elite E. Devin really crushed it with this pipe!

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5 of 5 Best pipe out there for yer spree April 10, 2014
taco eater : Dr_CLAW from Calgary, Alberta  
you want to get rid of your drilled spree pipe but don't know what to get, well this sexy beast will not only pull your ass around on that sexy spree of yours but it sounds great too!!

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5 of 5 This pipe rips stock or BBK September 26, 2013
taco eater : patthesoundguy from Beaver Bank, NS Canada  
Expect to shred hills with your spree! On stock spree you will climb hills like never before and expect to giggle with glee with the new found tourque on the way up to the low 30mph range. 48mm bbk with 21mm carb and ct intake with ax24 belt swap on an 84 spree will see pretty much 40mph. The gear swap is recommended as the spree will now rev up past 11000 rpm :-P  
This just in... Apparently it has been found that clutch spring for the Yamaha jog fit the spree clutch. I haven't confirmed this yet but I have jog springs enroute to try so I'll report on it. Stiffer springs could really help on the stock spree with this pipe and make it work to its full potential:-)

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5 of 5 Only pipe for the spree. July 17, 2013
taco eater : David Mooney from Portland, OR United States  
Well since this is the only pipe I know for the spree its pretty much the best option.  I'm running it on my stock 84 spree and went from topping out at 28mph to around 33mph.  The low end lost a bit but it packs a spree sized punch from 12mph to 30mph.  Im sure with a kit from ebay this think will make your spree rockin even more.

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