official treatSPLOSION tee official treatSPLOSION tee


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truly a marvel of the technological future...a t shirt fulled covered with a fun explosion of treatland favorites. that's right, every square inch of this shirt is fully 'sploded with treaty goodness!

confuse your rivals, camouflage yourself into your surroundings at the local ball pit, wear it to work on casual fridays, etc. this tee is fun for the whole family!!

a little pricey, but these puppies ain't cheap to get made. we only got 48 of them so maybe grab one now if ya want it!

***note the color is a little on the light side due to our shirt choice being cotton based!! i guess that's just how they came out for now. If you want the brighter color, sharper version they will come in a few weeks, but they are all poly. ...we're kinda bummed so this batch is on super we're not makin money on these.***

we've got XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL SO if your size is NOT in the drop down it is SOLD OUT.

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