PEUGEOT complete stock variator / clutch assembly
peugeot stock variator


 :*sorry none today*

stock peugeot moped variator / clutch complete assembly unit. everything included inside!

please note! these don't come assembled very tight, you should go over it and tighten down EVERYTHING, applying loctite where you so desire.

get any replacement parts ya need HERE!

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3 of 5 Man idk June 10, 2020
taco eater : Jonathan Feldman from Oakland, CA United States  
Knew it was a clone of the OG but wasnt sure how far off it could be. Jeez, it's pretty off. A lot of the pieces are entirely different and not cross compatible with the original stock variator. Diff thickness shims .. some pieces taller than others.. you get the idea. I'm sure theres a bunch of good usable parts in this assembly but god knows I ain't patient enough to find em. Slapped this puppy together and experienced varying amounts of rubbing / binding etc. Maybe I'm an idiot and itll work perfect for you? Dunno. I'm gonna go source a used stock one. Toodles yall.

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4 of 5 woot new clutch September 16, 2010
taco eater : Anonymous Person  
it is kinda difficult to put together and it makes nosies omg what is going on it works tho  good shit!

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